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Obamacare Penalty: Your Small Business Has Options!

Don’t Panic about the Obamacare Penalty

Small business owners are panicking about health insurance.  Obamacarehas everyone worried.

Top Ways to Get More Productivity: #3

Use Performance Feedback. We like to think of performance feedback as a concept.

Top Ways to Get More Productivity: #1

Inititive 1

  • Decide on the 10 most important things that must be accomplished by your company this year in priority order. Most important is number 1 and least 10.
  • Make them easy to understand, real, attainable, and measurable. The real deal!
  • Skip...

Are You Playing “Bet Your Business” with Wage and Hours?

You’re cruising on the “Highway Of Business” at what appears to be a nice comfortable clip. You think you know the possible headaches, the rules and posted speed limits. However you may not be aware of the recent speed limits that have been posted...

You can’t “Explain Away” Safety Trends

Put simply, three reportable injuries in a two year period is a trend. Pretending it isn’t will cost you money.

Inc Magazine: Seven Ways Businesses Can Dodge Obamacare

From Inc Magazine:

Streamlining HR: Let Somone Else Do It (WSJ)

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