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When Should You Hire a New Employee?

hiring an employee

No matter whether your business is large or small, knowing when it’s time to hire someone new is always tough. Employees cost money and so does the search for the right candidate. So how do you know when it’s time to open up a new position? We’re...

5 Challenging Areas of Employer Compliance

Employer compliance, Human Resources

Businesses often face HR related issues that create stress and take up time and resources, which ultimately takes away from productive work days. With the ever changing landscape of laws and regulations pertaining to HR, small business owners in...

What are the Benefits of HRO?

Human Resources, Outsourcing HR

Human resource departments oversee a variety of functions within an organization such as employee payroll, tax filing, training and more. Because all of these functions are quite complex and require much attention to detail, many organizations...

Why It’s Time to Move on from Paper HR

Outsourcing HR, HR errors

PEO Best Practices for Handling Benefits Administration

PEO Benefits, Outsourcing HR

Benefits Administration is not only an essential HR task, but an important one at that. Administering benefits for new hires needs to be done correctly in order to avoid enrollment errors or incomplete records and noncompliance issues. In this...

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

PEO Benefits, Payroll Processing

Payroll is an essential part of a business as it’s how they compensate and retain employees. Although there are still some small businesses that opt to handle payroll internally, there are many more that outsource their payroll as there are a...

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an HRIS

Human Resources

The old way of keeping HR records on paper in folders stuffed in metal file cabinets can be cluttered and take up a lot of space, and as businesses grow year by year, HR functions tend to be more challenging and harder to handle. If your business...

Is HR an Art or Science?

I read that “two stellar performing firms (Amazon and Google) starkly stand alone as striving to make their HR function totally scientific, data-driven and precise.1” Is HR Science State of the Art and how is this important to SMBs.

Hair Trigger Headaches: Employment Cases are Tough

The upshot of a Lexus Nexis article which cited a study in the NY Times purporting that “employment cases are tough” and ”it's true that defendants who refuse to settle and lose average about a $1.1 million loss for their error1

Take an Owner's Homegrown Human Resources Test

In a world that has been changing rapidly and where knowledge is power, HR has been ripping up in the corporate world with all kinds of positives cited. Sadly, this is not always true when staffers are performing the HR role instead of...

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