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Alternatives to ADP Totalsource

ADP payrollcustomers of more than a year have probably been pitched ADP’s in-house PEO, ADP Totalsource.  Like other PEOs, Totalsource promises to reduce the cost of worker’s comp, medical insurance, and payroll.

How to Hire your First Employee and Maintain Your Sanity

Congratulations!  Your business is taking off, and you need more than just yourself to keep everything going.  What do you do?

The Challenges of Employees in a Real Estate Business

As you grow your real estate business, there comes a time when you can’t grow anymore by yourself.  It’s time to hire someone.

What’s a PEO and How Can It Help My Business?

From Entrepreneur Magazine, May 9, 2014:

Using a 401k to Help the Small Business Owner

A well structured 401k plan can be a major plus for your future financial security — even when you’re the owner of the company.

The Dangers of Having No Compensation Plan

Do you live in fear of your employees comparing their pay rates?

What Your Medical Insurance Broker Isn’t Telling You

There are more options.

Controlling Your Company’s Unemployment Expense

Any company with employees has to pay Unemployment Insurance.  Uninformed business owners look at this like “just another tax”, and don’t manage their claims.  However, companies that develop systems and practices for managing their workforce — or...

The Secret to Making Manufacturing Work in Connecticut

It really can be done!

OEM Featured in Hartford Business Journal

See what the HBJ said about our company! (and see a shockingly unflattering picture of David…)

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