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The Hidden Cost of an “Office Manager”

Your Office Manager seems like a cheap solution to staffing your small business. After all, she is your reception desk, your customer service department, facilities maintenance, HR, employee benefitsrecruiting, accounts payable, accounts...

Compliance with the Affordable Care Act

Your employees are required to have health insurance starting next year, and you may be required to carry it starting in 2015.

Connecticut Bioscience Startup? There’s an Easy Way, and a Hard Way

Connecticut is increasingly “the” place to start your biotech company.  Yale and UConnare both licensing their research, you have an awful lot of well-educated people around to help, the state backs the industry, and there’s even an industry group

The Case for Outsourcing

Economic Case

Cost Base – The cost base for a small-medium business (SMB) for HR varies by demand, talent, and task. Most SMBs are forced to accept that SMBs spend more per employee for HR programs and functions than larger ones. Departments...

OEM’s CEO David Fernandez was interviewed in Inc. Magazine in the March 2015 issue


  • “In addition to differing by regional focus, PEOs may also differ in terms of service delivery.” “Its a very consultative partnership,” says David Fernandez CEO of OEM America in Hartford CT. “Its all about trust and feeling like you’re...

WHYN 560 interviews OEM America

Employee Rules for Inclement Weather

How do you know when and how to pay employees, when inclement weather hits?  It can be a confusing and tricky situation knowing or deciding who to pay, and who not to pay.  This is due to the differences in Exempt and Non-Exempt employees according...

You Can’t Just Call Everyone Salaried

Salaried vs. Hourly? Exempt vs. Non-exempt?

Is Your Business By Design, or By Chance?

Here’s a useful exercise: pick a single piece of paper that comes across your desk.  Or, an email that comes to you.  Now, ask yourself,

Take Care of your American Employees

International companies with employees in the United States face a number of complex issues.  American employees have to be paid a certain way, compensated a certain way, and expect a certain kind of benefits package.  If you’re going to take care...

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