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Top Compliance Issues Connecticut Employers Should Know About

PEO, Professional Employer Organization, Employer compliance, Fair Labor Standards Act, Workplace Regulations, Compliance issues

Maintaining compliance is one of those secondary tasks that often gets forgotten and neglected due to the responsibilities and never-ending cascade of management issues employers have to handle. However, companies that do not adhere to federal...

How Lackluster Timekeeping Weakens Your Bottom Line

PEO Benefits, Fair Labor Standards Act, Workplace Regulations, Compliance issues, TimeKeeping Services, Maximize Company Profits, timekeeping, IRS, DOL

Many companies are still using antiquated timekeeping systems to record their employees’ work hours. Although older systems like manual timekeeping, may seem to work, they can seriously hurt your bottom line. Without automated timekeeping...

The 5 Most Challenging Areas of Employer Compliance

PEO Benefits, PEO Advantages, Employer compliance, Employee Classifications, Fair Labor Standards Act, Workplace Regulations, Diversity and Inclusion Requirements

With the unprecedented amount of legislation affecting employers and workers passed within the last decade, many employers are struggling to remain compliant with this influx of new regulations. Small business owners in particular tend to have...

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